Welcome to "Accessibility Lab"

Benefits of accessibility

  • Improves the image of the organization, which shows to the public its commitment with accessibility. Social responsibility is about being inclusive.
  • Provides a competitive advantage over other organizations that do not offer accessible products and services.
  • Increases the number of clients and keeps the current ones, captive for obtaining a satisfactory experience.
  • Web accessibility improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positioning and compatibility in browsers, devices and assistive technologies.
  • Accessible organizations comply with national and international legislation and avoid complaints, sues or unsatisfied users.​​​​​​

Diversity and accessibility at work

  • Work teams with more diversity become aware of the challenges and barriers experienced by people with disabilities in their daily activities. Co-workers at all levels of the organization will understand the importance of accessible products and services, both in the physical and digital environment.
  • With inclusive teams, cooperation, communication, teamwork and respect, are increased. This helps solving problems with new ideas, creative and flexible thinking.
  • Accessible technology increases everyone's productivity.
  • In Human Resources hiring, accessibility increases the number of candidates for a position, since it allows including those with disabilities. People with disabilities have levels of work performance equal to or above the average and will seek to keep their job in an inclusive company.