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Empresas Incluyentes

Inclusive companies

  • Show Social Responsibility
  • Have accessible products and services, a competitive advantage
  • Increase the number of clients and keep the current ones
  • Comply with legislation
  • Reduce the risk of complaints or lawsuits

Accessible websites

  • Optimize the site
  • Improve usability and security to users
  • Increase compatibility in devices and assistive technologies
  • Increase the number of users and time spent on websites
  • Improve the quality of life of people with disabilities
Páginas Accesibles
Equipos con mayor diversidad

Teams with greater diversity

  • Become aware of the challenges and barriers faced by people with disabilities
  • Understand the importance of accessible products and services
  • Increase cooperation, communication, respect and teamwork
  • Develop more creative and flexible thinking
"Contemplate web accessibility from the start of your project"
Accesibilidad Web