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Accessible web development

We design and develop accessible web pages or applications

If you already have a web page, we can make it accessible.


Web accessibility workshop

In this workshop we explain the accessibility requirements according to "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1" at levels A, AA and AAA.

Digital Documents Workshop

In this workshop, we explain how to make accessible Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF documents.

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"Accessible future"
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Accessibility diagnosis

We check how accessible the web site is with a diagnosis based on the criteria of "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1".

In the diagnosis, we indicate which requirements are met and which ones do not.

In case of non-compliance we make the recommendations to become accessible.

Web accessibility makes your project integral


Users with disabilities (visual, hearing or motor) do manual testing of web pages and share their experience.

In these testing, we carry out common activities such as completing a purchase, filling out a form, etc.

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Accessible Digital Documents

We make accessible digital documents.

We check the accessibility of documents.

"Accessibility is the key to
ensuring equal opportunities"
Accesibilidad Web