"Culture in Accessibility"

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In the world

According to the United Nations (UN):

The world population is 7 billion people.

One in seven people have a disability (more than one billion).

In addition, more than 100 million people with disabilities in the world are children and 80% of people with disabilities live in developing countries.

In Mexico

According to the 2014 National Demographic Dynamics Survey conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, as of 2014, people with disabilities in Mexico totaled more than 7 million.

There is a closer relationship between disability and the process of demographic aging.

Half of people with disabilities (47.3%) are elderly.

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According to the National Survey on Discrimination in Mexico conducted in 2017:

More than 25% of people with disabilities have been discriminated in the last year.

More than 30% of them were denied at least one right.

More than 48% believe that their rights as persons with disabilities are respected little or nothing.

More than 71% of the population believes that people with disabilities are rejected by most people.

"Accessibility training"
"Accessibility is the key to guarantee equal opportunities"
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