About Us

About Us

We are a company that seeks to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities through accessibility in the digital world.

We work with the public, private and civil society organizations.
We promote and defend digital rights.

We want all people to have equal access to information technologies.

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Accessible websites

Article 9 of the "Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" establishes measures to ensure access for people with disabilities, to the physical environment, transportation, systems and technologies of information and communications

The obstacles and challenges faced by people with disabilities are not due to their limitations, but to the lack of accessibility and the barriers of the physical and digital environment that we have created ourselves.

We must become aware and take responsibility for creating an accessible world, recognizing the potential of people with disabilities as productive people who seek to be included in the educational, social, labor, cultural, etc.

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"Web accessibility is a right"

"Culture in Accessibility"
Accesibilidad Web